Our photography games are not only fun but will test how well you pay attention to detail.

Where in the World is Josh Rossi

Find Josh Rossi as he is taking pictures on Huntington Beach. If you are up to the challenge find the other hidden objects below. Try full screen.

Click image below to view The Key

Find objects and decrypt message

Test how sharp of an eye you have and work on noticing detail inside complex composites. Each image has a letter attached to it. Find all of the letters and decrypt the message.

Brooklyn Bridge

Click image to view The Key

Find the logo

This is a 1000 mp image I shot of Park City Utah. I hid the Composite Planet logo somewhere in the image. Zoom up and see if you can find it. Try full screen.

Find Devin Supertramp

This is a composite I made for the behind the scenes of Devin SuperTramp’s recent shoot. Zoom into the image to see what everyone is doing and see if you can find all of the objects listed below.