What does 300+ hours spent on one image look like?

This was a project Josh Rossi produced for Adobe as an advertising piece for their Marketing Cloud in the analytics department. Every image was shot by Josh separately and it is all photography. The image has well over 1000 individual layers and took approximately 300 hours in photoshop.
The perspective was tricky and needed a high angle looking down. It was inefficient to bring a ladder around New York City and shoot the 50+ elements so Josh decided to put the camera on a tripod and hold it in the air with a 10 second timer. He needed a high shutter speed as well as a small f-stop to get a deep depth of field to achieve the effect he wanted. Shooting so many elements was difficult because the lighting needed to match up on every shot.
To see more of Josh Rossi’s work visit JOSHROSSI.COM or his INSTAGRAM
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